Hands Free Selfies – Link Love Sunday

I love lists.  I make them all the time.  The Boy mocks my list-making fixation, but I like being “organized”.  Ok, more like having a vague feeling that lists allow me to have a method to the madness (aka my crazy life).

In celebration of my love of lists, I’m starting a weekly list of things I’ve recently seen & love.  Link Love is a culmination of anything & everything that catches my eye.  Hopefully you’ll find something that is entertaining, useful, or inspiring here as well.

1.  Take hands free selfies with CamMe.  Just wave your hand in front of your front-facing camera & take a shot.  Duck Lips not included.  Or encouraged.

The updated version is even cooler.  I used it to take the photos in the Blueberry Pie Cowl post.

The updated version is even cooler.
I used it to take the photos in the Blueberry Pie Cowl post.


2.  This collection of street art installations.  How awesome would it be to just stumble upon one of these?


So pretty.

So pretty.

3.  This super easy, but stylish tutorial for bangle bracelets.  So easy The Kid could do them, so chic even I need a few.

Lil & I need to make stacks of these.

Lil & I need to make stacks of these.

4.  This uber-useful oilcloth tote that is perfect for Lil’s swimming trips.  Sewbon is a sewing phenom… how does she make so many things so fast?

Follow the link above to get to the tutorial.

Follow the link above to get to the tutorial.

5.  This X & Plus quilt from Modern Handcraft.  The colors are so subtle, but work so elegantly together.  And, it’s primarily my fave color:  ORANGE!

I need to put together blocks like this!

I need to put together blocks like this!

6.  Yoga Booty Ballet!  So fun & it gets results.  I’m tempted to pop in for a drop-in class when I’m in LA next week.


Yoga Booty Ballet creators.
photo: swervestudio.com

7.  This Strawberry Lemonade Cake recipe.  Two of my fave things!  I need to make this… NOW.

Recipe & Photo: Two Peas and Their Pod

Recipe & Photo:
Two Peas and Their Pod

8.  This Girl Power print by Anne Cha.  I’m certain The Kid needs one of these in her room.  You can order your own as well.


Every little girl needs one of these prints. Artwork:  Anne Cha

Every little girl needs one of these prints.
Artwork: Anne Cha

9.  This insanely gorgeous, jaw-dropping gown from the Zuhair Murad F/W 2013-2014 Couture Collection.

Get.  In. My. Closet!

Get. In. My. Closet!

10.  The birth of my blog!  No link needed, you’re already here!





Blueberry Pie Cowl (Free Knit Pattern/ Tutorial)

The Blueberry Pie Cowl.

The Blueberry Pie Cowl.

Soooo… remember that delightful handspun yarn I purchased last week?


This yarn! It’s pretty… so pretty. Even though it is purple.

Well, as I mentioned in my previous “7 days earlier…” post, I decided to knit it up into a cowl for my good friend, Amanda, who is visiting this week.  We met long, long ago (over a decade *gasp!*) in my very first class at University of Idaho.  The instructor read out the attendance list, said the name of my ex, and I realized the guy I had moved to University of Idaho for a week earlier (and then went through a break up with 2 days later) happened to be in the same class and mumbled some sort of expletive under my breaths. Amanda asked if I knew the guy and I half-heartedly said yes.  That’s when she told me she had gone to high school with him and he was one of her close friends ex’s as well!  Well, how could I not be friends with her?!  It’s a small world.

The ex & I got back together, 2 years later The Kid was created, and Amanda was there for me like no one else was when I was pregnant, in a small college town with few real friends & no family, and terrified about the huge life changing experience I was going through.  We’ve remained friends ever since, even though she lives 8 hours away.  Amanda is now a food scientist in Olympia and we stop in to visit & chat when we head to Seattle & she stops in on her way to see family in Idaho.

She’s a busy gal who loves outdoor activities in gorgeous Washington, where the weather is often a bit chilly.  So, even though it is 116 degrees in Idaho this week I thought a cowl would be great for her (most of the year… just not necessarily right now).  When I knit up a sample piece of the pattern I created I noticed the slight variations of light blue & grey in the handspun yarn.  It reminded me of blueberries swirled in batter.  And then, the super simple lace pattern created a lattice effect, like the top of a pie.  TADA!  The Blueberry Pie Cowl was created.

One of the things I like about this pattern is that you don’t turn the work each time you get to the end of a row.  I. Hate. Turning. Work.  It’s such a hassle.  Honestly, when I began knitting I figured out how to reverse all the stitches in my head so that I wouldn’t have to turn the work (can you tell how much I dislike turning work).  But, with this pattern, you don’t have to do that, because I’m nice like that.

There wasn’t enough of the handspun to create the cowl, so I edged it in a gorgeous dove grey color.  I used Sheep(ish) brand yarn, because it was the best color combo I could find on short notice.  The Sheep(ish) knit up well though and was a great compliment to the handspun.

To give the cowl a little bit of panache, and help it fit flatteringly under a coat collar, I added a little mobius twist when combining the seams.  I like it!  I plan on knitting one for myself in pale grey & pink (to go with my hot pink trench coat).

Here’s a super simple pattern for the Blueberry Pie Cowl:


–  1 skein (at least 144 yds) yarn color #1  (4.25 – 4.5 sts/ inch)

–  1 skein (at least 167 yds) yarn color #2  (4.25 – 4.5 sts/inch)

–  set of size 8 circular knitting needles

– yarn needle (or crochet needle, if you prefer) to join seams & tuck in yarn ends

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