7 days earlier…

What a week!   I was so busy with the last 7 days that I didn’t even have time to blog.  If I’m going to get good at this I need to schedule some time each day to make it spectacular.   For now, I’m giving you a weekly round-up.


I’m really a country girl at heart. What can I say?

Last Saturday:   Fiddles & Funnel Cakes.

Saturday I went to Weiser, ID (my hometown) for the National Old Time Fiddle Festival.  Ordinarily, I would go with friends or family just to check out the craft vendor booths, get a funnel cake & lemonade, and listen to  some impromptu bluegrass sessions being played by some of the world’s best musicians.  Yep, I said *world’s*.  People come from all corners of the globe to compete in the festival, but I prefer to walk around and hear all of the jam sessions being played by the folks in the campgrounds and the fairgrounds.  Anyone who has ever been will tell you that that is where the real music magic happens.

This year I attended the festival for work though.  My job takes me to communities all over the state where I get to set up an info booth and talk about the amazing non-profit I work for.  This meant I was pretty stationary in one of the local parks and missed out on a lot of the usual activities.  But, there were a few highlights!

There was a delay with my booth space so I had a few minutes to walk about and check out vendor booths.  I came across a spinner’s collective and some delightful yarns.  I always have a trusty set of circular needles in the car (just in case), and figured a new project would help pass the time throughout the day when/ if things got slow.

Always carry a pair!  You never know when a knitting emergency may arise.  Or boredom...

Always carry a pair! You never know when a knitting emergency may arise. Or boredom…

I purchased this lovely skein of yarn (Llama, Ramie, Sparkle, faux cashmere mix) spun by Jennifer Green at Desert Garden Farms.  Jennifer is based in Weiser, so I was supporting the local economy.  Naturally, I had to do my part…

It's quite lovely...  Now, what to do with it?

It’s quite lovely… Now, what to do with it?

One thing you’ll learn about me pretty quickly is that I HATE the color purple (not the book, the actual color).  It’s like someone tried to ruin red & blue by combining them.  However, this was just too good to pass up.  There are little streaks of a faint sky/periwinkle blue and tones of grey throughout.  The pictures don’t do it justice.  But, there was only 114 yards of it… what to make?


Why must you taunt me yarn? Tell me what you want to become. Tell me!

I played around with the yarn, otherwise known as the knit-it-don’t-like-it-rip-it-start-over game for a while, but then things picked up at the booth.  I swore to all that is good in the world I would do this yarn justice as soon as possible though.

My Sees-tor, niece, nephew, and maternal unit swung by the booth with the best surprise ever: Funnel cake and fresh lemonade!   And I met the tiniest, oddest, cutest looking little pug named “Mailbox”.


Ella delivered sweet, amazing funnel cake. Best niece ever!


Not helping with the whole weight loss thing… but worth it!

Mailbox the Pug.

Mailbox the Pug.

After 14 hours in the hot park and 2 hours of driving, The Boy & I spent a long night playing card games with the besties.  There was, of course, drinks involved.  And delicious braised chicken & fresh corn salad.  All in all, a great day.

Then there was last Sunday:  The muumuu incident

The Boy and his friends had been planning to get dressed in costume and play in a bar-hopping mini-golf tournament.  I decided that since I had to make The Boy’s costume, I would tag along.  I ended up playing as well.  Here’s the thing… I don’t golf.  Even mini-golf.  I hit the ball so hard (because I was told to!) through one hole I broke the hole.  But, it was a fun day, I won a bunch of free beers for the boy, and we spent some quality time together.  Even if he was dressed like Mama June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.  It’s a good thing I love him, because that muumuu was a bitch to sew at 6:30 am the day of the event.


The Boy (right) dressed as Mama June, complete with pillow padding, and his best friend, Joe (center) as Honey Boo Boo.

IMG_3729 (1)

About 9 mini-golf holes, 100 degrees of heat, and 3 drinks in…

Monday:  I WON poker!

I beat out 10 guys to win.  I like poker night when I win.  I like pretty much anything when I win.  That is all.

Stacks & Stacks!

Stacks & Stacks!

Tuesday:  I found the perfect Red!

I am obsessed with lip cosmetics.  I honest to Betsy have over 25 lipsticks/balms/glosses/etc in my purse right now.  Not including what is in my cosmetic case, cupboards, and what not.  Even though I have nearly 100 lip goops, I still hadn’t found the perfect red or pinkish-brown.  Until Tuesday.

I stopped into Sephora for my annual birthday gift (thanks Sephora, too kind).  While there, I bought myself a little gift as well.  The perfect red!  And I do mean PERFECT.  I’ve read reviews about the wonders of Dragon Girl by NARS, but it wasn’t right for me.  But, I tried on Cruella by NARS and it. was. love.  I adore it matte (appropriate for all occasions), but it works great with a balm or gloss over the lip pencil as well.  The only down side is it does transfer a bit (unlike the stains I’ve been preferring lately), but it’s so good I’ll reapply. **

Cruella by NARS.   This. is. amazing!!!! photo: NARS.com

Cruella by NARS.
This. is. amazing!!!!
photo: NARS.com

I also found out one of my oldest & dearest friends, Amanda, will be visiting from Olympia, WA this coming weekend.  That’s when it hit me!  The gorgeous purple hand-spun yarn I bought Saturday would knit into a fantastic cowl for Amanda.  Olympia gets a bit wet & chilly.  Sure, it’s summer now… but, a cowl will be handy this winter.  I got to knittin!  (photos to come soon).

Wednesday:  Catch-up while talking about Ketchup…

Wednesday The Boy & I met up with another of my old-time friends, Sara, who was visiting from Las Vegas.  Miss Sara is an extraordinary dancer, specifically belly dancer.  I hope to drag The Boy down to Vegas for some real poker action rather soon.

Thursday & Friday:  Work, Work, Work.  And I finished the cowl!

So, the rest of the week was pretty boring.  Just A LOT of work.  But, I love my job, so that’s ok.  The cowl turned out fantastically.  I’ll post more later.  However, this is a REALLY long post, so that’ll be all for now.  Here’s to another amazing week ahead!

** Note:  I have not been paid for any promotion of products in this post.  Any opinions are my own and not made as advertisement or for promotion.  Having said that, if you’d like to pay me or give me free stuff to speak honestly about a product or service, I am game!