Blueberry Pie Cowl (Free Knit Pattern/ Tutorial)

The Blueberry Pie Cowl.

The Blueberry Pie Cowl.

Soooo… remember that delightful handspun yarn I purchased last week?


This yarn! It’s pretty… so pretty. Even though it is purple.

Well, as I mentioned in my previous “7 days earlier…” post, I decided to knit it up into a cowl for my good friend, Amanda, who is visiting this week.  We met long, long ago (over a decade *gasp!*) in my very first class at University of Idaho.  The instructor read out the attendance list, said the name of my ex, and I realized the guy I had moved to University of Idaho for a week earlier (and then went through a break up with 2 days later) happened to be in the same class and mumbled some sort of expletive under my breaths. Amanda asked if I knew the guy and I half-heartedly said yes.  That’s when she told me she had gone to high school with him and he was one of her close friends ex’s as well!  Well, how could I not be friends with her?!  It’s a small world.

The ex & I got back together, 2 years later The Kid was created, and Amanda was there for me like no one else was when I was pregnant, in a small college town with few real friends & no family, and terrified about the huge life changing experience I was going through.  We’ve remained friends ever since, even though she lives 8 hours away.  Amanda is now a food scientist in Olympia and we stop in to visit & chat when we head to Seattle & she stops in on her way to see family in Idaho.

She’s a busy gal who loves outdoor activities in gorgeous Washington, where the weather is often a bit chilly.  So, even though it is 116 degrees in Idaho this week I thought a cowl would be great for her (most of the year… just not necessarily right now).  When I knit up a sample piece of the pattern I created I noticed the slight variations of light blue & grey in the handspun yarn.  It reminded me of blueberries swirled in batter.  And then, the super simple lace pattern created a lattice effect, like the top of a pie.  TADA!  The Blueberry Pie Cowl was created.

One of the things I like about this pattern is that you don’t turn the work each time you get to the end of a row.  I. Hate. Turning. Work.  It’s such a hassle.  Honestly, when I began knitting I figured out how to reverse all the stitches in my head so that I wouldn’t have to turn the work (can you tell how much I dislike turning work).  But, with this pattern, you don’t have to do that, because I’m nice like that.

There wasn’t enough of the handspun to create the cowl, so I edged it in a gorgeous dove grey color.  I used Sheep(ish) brand yarn, because it was the best color combo I could find on short notice.  The Sheep(ish) knit up well though and was a great compliment to the handspun.

To give the cowl a little bit of panache, and help it fit flatteringly under a coat collar, I added a little mobius twist when combining the seams.  I like it!  I plan on knitting one for myself in pale grey & pink (to go with my hot pink trench coat).

Here’s a super simple pattern for the Blueberry Pie Cowl:


–  1 skein (at least 144 yds) yarn color #1  (4.25 – 4.5 sts/ inch)

–  1 skein (at least 167 yds) yarn color #2  (4.25 – 4.5 sts/inch)

–  set of size 8 circular knitting needles

– yarn needle (or crochet needle, if you prefer) to join seams & tuck in yarn ends

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